September 20, 2016

Why Morphosis?

Morphosis Clinic

Morphosis is derived from the word “metamorphosis”, which means a “change in form or transformation. In architecture, it is used to represent the style in which reflects a design process intuitively embedded within an increasingly groundless modern society. We named our clinic ‘Morphosis’ as it represents our philosophy and principle.

We are the expertise of Liposuction Thailand and Vaser Thailand Our main concern is perfect contouring by highly-skilled doctors and specialists for the selected few. Perfect Body and Facial Contour in just a day Morphosis is an exclusive clinic specialized in body and facial contouring, reducing excessive fat and revealing your true alluring curves and shapes. Our clinic is well-equipped with the latest development in the field. We offer a full-serviced premium treatment for selected few like you.

Our expertise is contouring using the novel technology to ultimately firm and revitalize body and face. Our highly-skilled doctors and specialists will be of your assistance to ensure timely and smooth operation with minimised discomfort. All programmes will be conducted by leading doctors in the fields.We delicately select advanced contouring technologies that, when combined with artistic sense of experienced doctors, provide perfect body and facial curves.

Morphosis places importance on exclusivity, thus the consultation and treatment are by appointment only. Clients will be treated exclusively and cautiously throughout the process. As for privacy, we keep every client’s information utmost confidential. We provide the highest standard of professionalism, and xceptional service-mindedness. Our clinic is situated in a quiet and secluded area to ensure your privacy.