March 25, 2012


What is Morphosis’ technology?

Morphosis uses the novel technology to ultimately firm and revitalize body and face. Lipo-Tight™ is one of the sophisticated and unique body sculpting system which is performed at our state-of-the-art outpatient clinic, to remove excess body fats. It is a minimally invasive technology, which brings impressive aesthetic results with minimal downtime.

How does it work?

The procedure begins with the surgeon inserting a very small cannula, approximately 3mm in diameter, into the treatment area. The probe will then be used to direct the energy to burn away the body fats, causing them to disintegrate. The liquefied fat is drawn out using a powerful liposuction device. Excessive heating of fats and/or dermis is prevented as all parameters are controlled in a closed loop system.

How is it different from liposuction?

Traditional liposuction uses a cannula to remove fat cells. Lipo-Tight™ uses the same motion as traditional liposuction but the fat is safely emulsified beforehand. This allows the process of fat removal to be with greater ease and less trauma to the surrounding tissues. This controlled heating creates connective tissue and skin tightening, never before available to patients.

Should I?

Lipo-Tight™ is ideal for eliminating fats from the waist, inner and outer thighs, bottom, hips, abdomen, back, as well as other areas of fat deposits. Patients of Lipo-Tight™ will experience a variety of satisfying outcomes ranging from the smoother appearance of cellulite, contouring of neck and jaw, tightening of loose skin in smaller areas such as the arms. Generally, the first consultation with our experienced doctors includes an in-depth analysis of the anatomical issues, and of course, the patient’s concerns regarding complications and expected results.

Does it hurt?

Morphosis presents you the CPACS™, Computerized Pain Assisted Control System, a complex integrated method of pain control, the first of its kind that adopts the latest anesthesiological treatment to ensure minimal discomfort during and after the procedure.

Risks and Complications?

Lipo-Tight™ procedure carries considerably fewer risks and possibility of complications. Patients may experience minor swelling and bruising after the treatment, but it would be at the slightest.

Why should I choose Morphosis?

Among all the aesthetic healthcare clinics, there might be a number of choices for you to choose from. However, with the safe and advanced technology operated by our professional doctors who understand art and science of beauty, we ensure you that Morphosis would be able to give you your desired results.

A visit to Morphosis is most unlikely a visit to any aesthetic health clinics. We are proud to declare ourselves as the leader in the field, with new innovations and advanced practices. Please make sure you are well rested before coming for your consultation with us. Do leave all your worries behind, visit us with an open mind and wide imagination. Together, we can realize the myriad possibilities of modern science.

What is the Painless Injection technique?

Painless Injection Technique is a unique technique developed by Morphosis Dermatologist and Anesthesiologists specialists to ensure a pain free experience during any facial and body treatments.

What do I need to prepare before my Painless Injection?

You only need to stop any diet for 6 hours before the treatment, and clear water for 2 hours prior to the treatment.