March 25, 2012


Radilift Laser.

Radilift Laser tightens and rejuvenates the wrinkled skin of the face and neck and other skin areas. This new technology is designed specifically to restore youthful skin even without surgery. With the advanced and holistic technology, it focuses on the individual’s restoration of more youthful skin cells by using the high concentrations of energy waves which reduce wrinkles and lift the skin to a smoother look. In short, we help in reversing the natural aging process of your skin. It is a safe and painless procedure wherein the results can be seen immediately after.

In this procedure, radio frequency energy is used to heat the specific areas of need. The extent of the warm is in the surface layer beneath the skin. This process stimulates the collagen to contract and heat up the skin to stimulate the body’s natural repair process, thus, creating new collagen makes the skin more precise.

Is Radilift applicable to any skin color?

Radilift is suitable for all skin colors and applicable to all parts of the body that need to be more precise. Popular areas include the face and neck.

Immediate results:
  • The tightening and smoothing of the skin results in a reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Improvement of skin laxity.
  • A noticeable improvement in skin tone.
Long-term results.
  • The results are for 1 year.
  • Collagen and Elastin in the skin are of a true increase and the skin is not sagging.