March 25, 2012


Clear laserClear Laser aims at erasing dark/red spots and reduces pore size – a novel technology for clearer, smoother and brighter skin ever.

What is clear laser?

Clear laser is the new technology to make dark/red spots and acne spots pale and eventually disappear. The heat energy from fluorescent will encourage collagen production at the deeper skin layer for skin recoloring.

How long does Clear Laser treatment take? Is the result permanent?

The treatment may take around 15-30 minutes, depending on the area and the result has a permanent effect.

Who should use Clear laser?

Clear laser is a treatment for patient with marks or dark/red spots caused by acne or with dark circle in eye areas or uneven skin tone. This treatment is applicable in all areas such as face, neck, back, legs, armpits, chest, hand, etc.

How many times do you need Clear laser before I start seeing results?

You can see the results right after the initial treatment. Generally, the smooth skin effect can be observed from the first time then after a full course treatment, red and black marks and freckles are noticeably faded and shallow.