March 25, 2012

Body Contour

Body Contouring and Rejuvenation Programmes

Morphosis employs state-of-the-art technologies that stand out from previous generation of liposuction technology. Based on minimal invasive technique, our Lipo-Liquifraction™ technology targets at removing unwanted fat and tightening skin. The incision is as small as 3-5 mm. Bruising is at the slightest.

The Lipo-Liquifraction™ will be operated simultaneously with Morphosis ‘TARGET™ Pain Controlling Technique’ programme, a complex integrated method of pain control, the first of its kind that adopts the latest anesthesiological treatment to ensure minimal discomfort during and after the procedure.

All procedures will be conducted by high-profile medical doctors and anesthesiologists.

Our extensive care starts from you making a decision. The treatment process starts with one-on-one in-depth consultation with a doctor and is followed by a body/facial examination.

  • The consultation will also include explanation of protocol of treatment and preparation for each client, as well as extensive Q&A session until the client feels soundly assured
  • The appointment of treatment will be arranged to suit client’s most convenience

We will continue to monitor you closely until you are fully recovered. Our services include:

  • Limousine, a trip within Bangkok between your premise and Morphosis
  • Nutritional supplement, pre- and post- visit, specially designed to allow your speedy complete recovery
  • A meal after the treatment (optional)

What makes us outstanding among others is our doctor’s profound understanding of the idea of perfect skin and shape. At Morphosis, we tailored the programme that suits your lifestyle.